Golf Addicts like You are…

Our story begins with a sort of unexpected event. We were choosen by H19 exactly as it happens when becoming a golf addict.

There were: a market waiting for products at height, an Italian Brand searching for brave entrepreneurs and  motivated designers for its renaissance and, somewhere, a vibrating business idea that wasn’t yet fully explored.

These figures met in the right place at the right time, put all their thoughts in a pot shaking for a while and

It was an unstoppable explosion of visions full of enthusiasm, creativity, beauty and love for the absolute need for that excellent gratification that only a golf addict can understand.
…this is now the Mission!

Thousands of questions and only one simple answer

Any way you look at that ball it looks the same: “an unmatchable, perfect form an style”. Golfer shall understand!

There is only one way to succeed: to rely on yourself.
It is improving our form and style. Every day we practice hundreds of shots to improve a small detail, to be excellent and classy.

We feel all of this as you do.

Persone & Personalità

Be only yourself


Our designers express all the refinement of Italian style.
It grants an unrivaled expertise in high quality fabrics, manufacturing technologies and all the heritage of the Italian fashion “haute couture”.

The best for the best is our mission in luxury


We live in the third millennium and we want to stay ahead as the true golfer on his journey.
We strictly choose manufacturers for their competence, addiction, taste, mood…

Our staff

We Believe in Relationship
For any questions about H19 feel free to contatc us
You are welcome!

The heritage that tells the story of the golfer is a rich, stylish, ethical and environmentalist dedication to a unique and unparalleled sport vocation.

It is the story in which we want to participate and be protagonists, like you!

See you addicts at next Hole 19!

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