Be comfortable, Luxury becomes Sporty.

Sportswear, including gym clothes, is becoming increasingly popular, so much so that it fosters the encounter between fashion designers and sports brands and casual becomes more and more “luxury”. Insiders have noticed the growing preference of consumers for casual brands and the industry is adapting. Also because the collaboration between sports and luxury brands brings mutual benefits: the former receive a push towards high fashion, a world that is always very attentive to style; the latter receives an injection of modernity, thanks to the entry of young designers who are more aware of new trends.

In Las Vegas, in the annual edition of Magic Market Week, one of the world’s largest clothing fairs, the “athleisure” section, that is, suitable for sports disciplines, sees growth that is not surprising and that does not seem to know any slowdowns. It is easy to say: comfort allows a garment to resist current trends while being “fashionable” and to be worn all day, from desk to dinner as they say.

A trend in which the major sportswear brands have thrown themselves headlong. Thus, alongside the traditional lines made of tracksuits and sneakers, the futuristic Maison-Labs promote collaboration with high fashion stylists to reinvent revolutionary collections, with sporty models, making them ultra elegant: bright and shiny colors, comfortable, soft lines, with the right fit, clothing designed to «match the lifestyle»

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