Mauro della Valle “CSOs catch the FOX!”

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[stockie_text text_typo=”font_size~16||line_height~30||weight~inherit”]What is your way of creating? let me say “wow”, what an easy question to start with! I have been doing this job for so long that I should answer: “experience!”… It is true that experience helps you to avoid mistakes, to solve quickly and above all it helps you thinking achievable things. Being “creative” is like practicing sports. You train but it is not enough, it is the goal that counts, you have to reach it and be the first. You cannot loose but … you know that even if you fail every day after you can have a new opportunity to do it better. My creative sport is like hunting. I listen to the smallest noises, I distinguish colors and imperceptible movements, I know the strength and direction of the wind that makes me smell like a hound. The important thing is not to hit the prey but to find it! The creation process is like catching the fox, finding the smart and beautiful , quick and sudden exclusive idea![/stockie_text]
[stockie_process box_type_layout=”top_icon” icon_type_layout=”default” title=”Meanings Choice” description=”Find a sense! You can communicate everything.” description_typo=”font_size~16||line_height~30||weight~inherit”]
[stockie_process number=”02.” box_type_layout=”top_icon” icon_type_layout=”default” title=”Environment Inspirations” description=”Everything has a relationship with mind… Forms, colors and style around you can be a connection to your target lifestyle.” description_typo=”font_size~16||line_height~30||weight~inherit”]
[stockie_process number=”03.” box_type_layout=”top_icon” icon_type_layout=”default” title=”Wait!… The fox will appear.” description=”Ideas are more curious than you. Be patient they will explore your thoughts. ” title_typo=”weight~inherit” description_typo=”font_size~16||line_height~30||weight~inherit”]
[stockie_text text_typo=”font_size~16||line_height~30||weight~inherit”]Meanings, inspirations, ideas always fill up your mind. Leave them free of finding a way to mix up and offer your experience to help them grow. Start felling a new product give it forms, colors, and tactile sense. Follow mood, seasons, walk a lot and talk to people around you, then take your time. Actually we deal with a new fashion business idea. It is the product that buy customers with its mood, values and life expressions.[/stockie_text]
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[stockie_text text_typo=”font_size~16||line_height~30||weight~inherit”]Creativity brings method into the wild. You start thinking managing tools, experiences, competences, target and market analysis, marketing needs, competitors, plus and minus, the same steps that anyone should do. At this point you have 95% done with a strict method. That is the time to take a walk in the wild side of creativity, it counts for 5% of the result but… is the small part of the process that lead to success and others will follow.[/stockie_text][stockie_text text_typo=”font_size~16||line_height~30||weight~inherit”]So, I suggest:
  • Think a lot
  • Be professional
  • Follow method
  • Dive into the infinite ocean of 5% creativity
  • Anyway, don’t forget the 95% of the process

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